About Us

Like you, I have been there, at the shops looking for shoes that might come in my size.  Hopes dashed as the sales people uttered "Sorry, the smallest we carry is a 6, and it is sold out".  Onto the next, but it was the same experience at every shop.  I was digging for gold each time, much depended on luck.

This difficulty in buying shoes is the very reason why I decided to do it myself and for all like-minded souls with petite feet out there.

My husband and I spent countless hours looking for global suppliers and artisanal shoemakers who could provide the fit, quality and styles that we felt were hard to find and worthy of our time and yours.  We're excited to say that we've found a few who are willing to work with us on a smaller scale than that of a big department brand.  

In addition to shoes, I will also feature some of our unique creations made and printed using 3D technology.  With your support, we hope to create a place where you can shop for shoes in your size and find gifts for yourself or friends and leave feeling empowered.

For more information, please contact us.