Size Chart

Measuring Guide for 'Made to Order' Shoes

Use this guide for handmade to order shoe styles. 

We recommend using a tape measure with millimeters, but if one is not handy, you may use a string and get the measurements against a ruler after.

How to Measure Your Foot

Finding the Length of your feet.

  • Outline your barefoot (or with socks on for boots) on a piece of paper. Then draw a straight line from the tip of your longest toe to the end of your heel (see image on the left). This is the length of your foot.
    • Add 5mm (appx. 1/4 inch) for some wiggle room.

    Finding the Width of your feet.

    • Use the tape measure (or a string) to measure the circumference on the widest part of your foot (see image on the left). This is the width of your foot.
      • Do not pull the tape or string too tight, as this will skew the result.
      • Keep foot flat on the floor and put pressure on the ball of your foot for best result.


      Repeat the above steps on your other foot and note down the measurements. Take the bigger measurement of the two feet and cross-reference with the Handmade Shoes Size Chart below.

      For example, if the bigger measurement of your feet is 234mm in length and 212mm in width. Rounding up gives you 235mm in length and 215mm in width, your ideal size is 235.

       Size Chart


      Blue – From our shoemaker's experience, this size will be a snug fit, our recommendation is to custom order your shoe specific to your measurement.


      'Ready to Ship' Size Chart

      Use this guide for ready to ship styles. (ie, Jackie, Nicole, Anna)

      * Please keep in mind manufacturers cut/produce their shoes differently, this chart is to serve as a guide only, actual sizing may vary.

      Two Perfect Souls - Size Conversion Chart