The Story

I am Evelyn.  I have a degree in finance and I began my career as an analyst on Wall Street in NYC.  After 10+ years of routine but fast-paced and stressful environment, I longed for a career that lets me do things on my own time with enough room to be creative and be in awe again of the tiniest things in life.

I started to learn 3D modeling jewelry as a creative outlet after I left the corporate world.  I think I was addicted after seeing shapes that previously existed only in my head transformed on screen and eventually became a tangible jewelry the first time.  I decided to nurture this new found passion and turn it into my dream job.

The Process

My designs are first digitally created on a computer screen via a 3D software from an inspiration I have either scribbled down on paper or just a random thought of shapes.  Once a 3D model is sculpt into the shape I want, I send it off to a local lab to get a prototype made.  After several iterations (where I consider factors such as light reflections and the weight of the design etc.), it will finally get 3D printed into wax before casting into metal and hand polished to finish.  

My goal when designing each piece is for it to be versatile and to complement your style and taste effortlessly.  So that when you put it on as either a daily go to accessory or a statement piece to a special event, it will still feel like it's a bespoke piece each and every time.

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