The Story

I am Evelyn.  I have a degree in finance and I began my career as an analyst on Wall Street in NYC.  After 10+ years of routine but fast-paced and stressful environment, I longed for a career that lets me do things on my own time with enough room to be creative and be in awe again with life.

I started to learn 3D modeling jewelry as a creative outlet after I left the corporate world.  I was very much addicted after that first time seeing shapes transformed from being on screen into a tangible piece of jewelry.  I decided to nurture this new found passion and turn it into my dream job.  Under the guidance of my uncle - a veteran jeweler at the NY diamond district, I also gained knowledge of producing jewelry by hand from scratch. Utilizing the benefit of both methods, Two Perfect Souls jewelry collection came into existence.

The Process

My designs are first digitally created via a 3D software.  Once the model is sculpted into shape, I will send it off to a local print lab to get a prototype made.  From here, changes to the design will be made to better achieve the aesthetic I envisioned, this process usually takes several iterations.  Once I am satisfied with the final prototype, it will then be send off to a local caster (who certifies that all metals they use are DRC - Conflict Free) for final casting.  I will then hand polish each piece before sending it off in a gift box to my clients. 

My goal when designing each piece is for it to be versatile and to compliment your style and taste effortlessly.  So that when you put it on as either a daily go to accessory or a statement piece to a special occasion, it will feel like it's a bespoke piece each and every time.

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