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For the love of pies! February 01, 2017 18:08

Happy new year everyone!  One of my new year resolution is to put more of my doodles and ideas into actual designs.  So here's one of many to come....

Inspiration comes from pies I had during the holiday season.  I love how intricate you can weave the pie crusts when you make them from scratch and how they all look geometrically pleasing at every angle.  

I wanted to make these earrings a part of your fun accessories, so I opted to keep it minimal.  However, I designed the lattice works to have a bit of a wave and curve which is great for catching glints of lights as you move.  Got any idea or designs you want to see made into jewelry?  Tell us, we might just make it and 3D print it!

Winter Giveaway! December 15, 2016 16:05


Just a quick post about our partnership with the one and only Kimberly Kong of The Sensible Stylista.  We are giving away a pair Made to Order shoes of your choice from our collection for one lucky winner!  Head on over to Kim's blog and enter the raffle, the giveaway ends on Jan 2nd and the winner will be announced on Kim's website the day after.

Good luck!

Winter Giveaway - Made to Order Shoes

Edit: The Winner has been announced, she has been notified via email!  Stay tune for more events like this!

Introducing - The Five Blessings Signet Rings September 03, 2016 03:36

For now, many of you have known that besides shoes, Asian art has a special place in my heart (read the inspiration behind my “Seals of Authenticity” jewelry collection here).  Today I introduce you to my newest Asian art inspired jewelry - The Five Blessings Signet Rings.  

Two Perfect Souls - The Five Blessings Signet Rings

The five blessings are usually uttered during Lunar New Year as a way of greeting and well wishes to friends and family.  Growing up Asian American, that was pretty much the only meaning I know of the blessings.  It was not until I dwell into their meaning more did I realize their uniqueness.  

The symbols for each of these five blessings have evolved since the ancient times and varies in different Asian cultures, but I chose the ones in my collection because I like the symmetry I see in them.  And unlike the sizable signet rings traditionally worn by men of status in many societies; I designed mine significantly smaller with dramatic curves into the band to fit the more slender fingers of women.  Because here at Two Perfect Souls, we believe small can be impactful.  

Now onto the meaning of these blessing symbols.

Fu - luck or good fortune achieved by having performed good deeds.  This symbol is the first of the five blessing symbols and often associated with the appearance of the Fu deity in the night sky according to Chinese mythology.  The phenomenon explained in western astrology as the rising of Jupiter, the fifth planet from the sun.  Incidentally, the appearance of the planet in the night sky is also believed to mean auspicious times ahead.

Two Perfect Souls - Luck Blessing Ring Two Perfect Souls - Luck Blessing Ring

Lu - Prosperity; the literal word itself translates to the salary received by being an official in the government or holding a position of influence.  In ancient China, such position is achieved through years of study and passing the final imperial exam.  It is a well wish for someone to have perseverance and hardwork to achieve success.  Men who held these position can be seen with dress robes with these symbols embroidered onto them.

Two Perfect Souls - Prosperity Blessing Ring

Shou - Good health or Longevity.  It is believed to be represented by Canopus or the second brightest star in the sky and often personified by an old looking but kind and smiley deity.  Imprinting of the symbol (or variation of the symbol) onto baked goods to be consumed on an elder's birthday is a ritual many Chinese families still practice.

Two Perfect Souls - Good Health Blessing Ring

Xi - Happiness.  I strayed from tradition on this symbol because the more commonly known double happiness stresses the importance of a union in marriage to achieve happiness.  I believe the modern day individual can achieve happiness by oneself, therefore the individual happiness symbol is used in my design.

Two Perfect Souls - Happiness Blessing Ring

Cai (or Tsai) - Wealth, specifically monetary wealth.  It should not be surprising that the last blessing is wealth and that it comes after good health and happiness.  The symbol, most recognizable with the coin slot in the middle is widely used in places of business.  Both decorative and serve as talisman for auspicious business dealings.

Two Perfect Souls - Wealth Blessing Ring


So there you have it, I hope these rings grace your fingers and their meaning strengthen you as you proudly make a statement in the world.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to share this article if you find it interesting.

Love, Evelyn

Our Handmade Shoes July 18, 2016 09:00

There were times when buying a pair of shoes use to take a really long time.  One would have to take a trip to the shoemaker to have your feet measured, wait for molds of your feet to be made, then back for re-measurement of your feet and adjustments made to the molds, then finally, after more time spent waiting; you get to meet your new sole mate.

Handmade ShoemakerPhoto Source:

This traditional way of shoemaking is an artful skill that are still being practiced in the world and sold to the fortunate few who live near these artists and can afford the patience and their craftsmanship.  To those of us with a smaller budget, fret not!  We have found a few shoemakers who have adapted a new way to bring a bit of the traditional shoemaking to the modern world.

When we think about measuring our feet, most of us are thinking about the length and width; a line going vertical and one across at the big bone.  Our shoemakers believe, however,  that we should measure the widest part in terms of circumference instead of a straight line.  This allows for a surer fit and accommodates bone and muscle thickness at the top of the foot.  The shoes that you order using this method of measurement will least likely be pinching your bones and toes.

Two Perfect Souls - How to Measure Foot Diagram

Once you have your measurements down, you should follow this matrix and find the size that best fit you. (Click to open up our Size Chart on another page)

Two Perfect Souls - Size Chart - Handmade Shoes

It is now time to talk about your foot arch.  Your arch really affects how high or low your shoe heels should be and is probably the hardest to measure yourself without a professional present.  To accommodate that, our shoemakers are letting you dictate the height you are comfortable with.  That’s right, most of our handmade to order shoes have heels ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches.  If the height you desire is not an option, simply write us a message, and we will consult with our shoemaker to determine if it can be made.  Don’t see a color you like, but saw the color in a different shoe on our site?  Let us know, we will do our best to source that color for you.

How long does a pair of handmade shoes take to make?  Usually less than 2 weeks and you get them at your door step typically by the 4th day after we shipped it.  Oh yeah, shipping is on us!  So...happy shopping!

Two Perfect Souls - Doris - Yellow D'orsay Pump Two Perfect Souls - Geraldine - Slingback SandalsTwo Perfect Souls - Evelyn - Lace Pointy Toe Pump

New Styles and a Spring Sale April 20, 2016 08:00

It finally feels like Spring this week in NYC!  The city seems to have woken up from a slumber overnight and there is a breath of freshness everywhere I look.  Here at Two Perfect Souls, we have new things for you all as well!

We have partnered with a shoe craftsmen alliance based in S. Korea to bring you handmade-to-order shoes for your petite feet in high fashion designs!   

Ever thought to yourself when you were shoe shopping ‘Gee I wish that heel was a little shorter and the width a little wider’?  Well, that was me all the time!  Many of the styles on the site (and more coming!) will be available in several heel heights and a width adjustment option.

Production time for handmade-to-order ranges from 1-2 weeks (dependent on the shoemaker and materials needed) and will be shipped via express from our shoemakers directly to your door (typically 4-7 days).  We’ve updated our size chart page with a measuring guide to help you with size selection.

AND…..for a limited time, all ready to ship shoes are now 15% off!!!  

So go on, treat yourself something new for Spring!

A Developer Fashionista January 30, 2016 00:43

A quick note on some exciting news!  I am teaming up with a Seattle-based blogger for a giveaway of the pair she is wearing in her latest post!  If you have been following us, you’ll notice that we’ve been obsessed with Carina Axelbrooke and her style.  Developer by day and fashionista by night, she is the epitome of a modern day role model for women everywhere.  Head on over to to read some of her blog entries and you’ll know what I mean.

Carina Axelbrooke(Photo:

In her latest entry, “Princess Charming”, she writes about her struggle of finding shoes that fit to be similar to the fairy tale; how Prince Charming searched all his land to find that one special lady who fits into the the glass slipper but in reverse.  What a fitting description right???

Two Perfect Souls - Laura(Photo:

So onto the details of the giveaway!  We’re giving away 1 pair of this Dansi peep toes as seen on Carina.  All that stands between the goods is 4 easy steps.  

1) Follow us on Instagram @TwoPerfectSouls
2) Follow @DressedUpDev
3) Follow @DansiShoes
4) Tag a friend who has petite feet and that’s it!  

Two Perfect Souls - Laura(Photo:

We will announce on our social media next Friday on 2/5/16! Good Luck!

The Seal of Authenticity December 14, 2015 23:41

For some time now, I have been working on something very near and dear to my heart.  I am super excited to share with you my treasured creation; The Seal of Authenticity, a unique jewelry collection inspired by a venerable form of Chinese calligraphy used as seals.

In Ancient East Asia, Emperors and high ranking government officials used special seals made out of semi-precious stones such as jade to give documents their authorship and authenticity.  These unique seals are hand-carved by artisans in an ancient form of writing that are not easily recognized or duplicated by the untrained eye.  The seal and the imprints were considered the highest form of authentication in the realm.

Famous artists still use this form of signature on their works and on works of others as a sign of appreciation.

Two Perfect Souls - Brush Painting Inspiration


My grandfather first introduced the art of Chinese Calligraphy to me when I was a child.  I remember learning how to grind an ink stick with water to a precise consistency and how to control my breathing so my hands wouldn’t shake and touch the rice paper while I painted.  I must admit I was not a very patient child growing up; the only way he got me to sit down every night to practice was a promise that he will have a seal made for me when I am good enough.  Even then he knew I had a competitive side to me and it worked; I practiced and practiced until I got my own seal.

Two Perfect Souls - My Stamp Seal

I regret to say that due to all the moves I had growing up, my seal was lost.  Even though the one above is a replica, what it represented inspired me to create this collection.  

Like the meditational way of practicing Chinese calligraphy, it takes a while to really become authentically New York.  The seal to me represents and identifies my appreciation of all the good, bad, and ugly sides of this city.  I hope you’ll like it and wear it proudly too!  Thanks for reading!

Brooklyn Seal Seal Colors

Small Feet – Big Frustrations November 30, 2015 13:39

How was everyone's Thanksgiving Weekend?  Hope everyone had a great time with family and friends and squeezed in a bit of holiday shopping too!

I have news this Monday!  I am excited to share an awesome review by Little Mise of The Little Palace blog!  Like me, she has always struggled with getting clothes and shoes/heels that fit.  So she started her blog with a goal to share her style tips and to find petite resources for those in the same situation.

Head on over to her blog to read her review and find out more about this petite blogger!

Two Perfect Souls - The Little Palace

Tips on Extending the Life of Your Shoes: Part 2 November 23, 2015 07:30

Last week, I wrote about some of the tools that I keep in my shoe caring kit.  So for this week, I would like to continue but also show you how to recognize that your shoe is ready for some serious TLC that only a professional can provide. For those of you who have just tuned it, you can read the first part here.

4) Keep your shoes and bags in its intended shape even if you are not wearing them.   Leather will wrinkle with age.  If you wear your shoes a lot; you will see crease lines that form where your feet bend. Hopefully, you have conditioned the leather of your shoes often enough that the creases will not crack easily.  In addition to conditioning, I recommend using an extra tool to help the shoes keep their shape.  I highly recommend investing in a cedar shoe tree as it wicks away moisture and prevents odors from building up.  I prefer ones that have a split toe because let’s face it, shoes are not made perfectly for your feet off the rack.  The split toe mechanism will slowly stretch the toe box of the shoe so that in time it will fit a slightly wider feet.  You may not see the immediate results but with a bit of patience you will feel the difference on your feet.

Two Perfect Souls - Boot Cedar Tree

(Photo: Woodlore)

Two Perfect Souls - Cedar Shoe Tree Women Size 4

(Photo: Shoe Care Supplies)

Another inexpensive preventative measure of crease lines can be found in your local party store: long balloons.  Balloons will not let your boots breath as the cedar ones would, but they do the job.  Some reviewers online find it easier to manage as they have more give than the stiffer cedar ones, especially around the calf area.  So if you choose this option, just remember to air out your boots once in awhile.

Two Perfect Souls - Long Balloons

(Photo: Amazon)

5) Become best friends with a cobbler! There will come a time when you just cannot prevent or fix the wear and tear on your shoes and this is when you take them to a good cobbler and let the master work the magic.  It is important to never over wear your shoes to the point of no return because there are things that even the most skilled cobbler cannot fix.  Most people know that a cobbler can buff out scratches and dress the edges of a shoe but here’s a few ways to tell that you should immediately go to the cobbler.

  • When you are walking and the sound of your heels are like metal scraping the ground.  This is usually a sign that you have killed your heel caps.  No fret, this is actually one of the most common things a cobbler fix for women shoes.  Changing it out is easy and it will feel like new once again.

  • When you see stitching coming apart on your loafers or flats.  Traditionally, a loafer’s upper, insole, and outsoles are all stitched together.  While there are a few ways in how the stitchings can be performed, one of their common benefits is to prevent water from getting into the shoe.  If the shoe’s stitching and soles are coming apart, the next time you wear it in the rain, you might have wet socks.  A good cobbler can completely replace the sole or restitch it together depending on the method the shoe was constructed, price will vary accordingly as well.

  • When you feel every single pebble you walk on.  This usually means you’ve worn out your outsole. Luckily this is an easy fix for the cobbler.  Typically what is left of your outsole will be peeled off and be replaced.  You can have either rubber or leather on any shoe.  What is great about rubber is that it is shock absorbent and great for rainy weather. Rubber soles at ⅛ of an inch will absorb better shock than a leather sole would.  However, leather generally has more of a sophisticated look and a softer bend, so a leather-soled shoe is aesthetically pleasing and will feel less chunky on the feet like the ones from our current collection. You can decide what type of sole you want, just don’t forget to tell the cobbler.

Two Perfect Souls - PatriciaTwo Perfect Souls - Yvette

    So there you have it, all of my recommendation on how to extend the life of your shoes.  What do you think?  Share your comments on my Facebook page.

    Also, we currently have a subscribers only Holiday Pre-Sale Event going on.  Subscribe below to get a 20% discount code and first dibs on our current collection of shoes!

    Tips on Extending the Life of Your Shoes: Part 1 November 16, 2015 07:30

    Have you ever owned a pair of shoes that you wore to its death and wondered to yourself “Geez, I sure did a number on that one?”  Well, I have and it was not pretty.  After departing with a few favorite pairs, I’ve finally learned techniques that make my shoes last longer.

    1) Make it a habit to clean and moisturize your leather shoes every season.  Over time, leather shoes left untreated will become dry and brittle with wear.  If you live in cold climate regions where the heat is on constantly in the winter; your leather shoes will dry out even faster.  So as you take out your sweaters for the season, take the time to clean and moisturize your shoes too.  Coach leather cleaner and moisturizer has been in my closet for years and they have kept my bags and shoes in mint condition.  Just dab a little of the cleaner on a lint-free cloth, gently wipe your leather goods, let the shoes dry (I usually leave them alone for a day), then repeat with the conditioner and then let dry.  It may seem like a lot of work, but at $10 each, your shoes and bags will thank you.  Please read the instructions though, there are fabrics that these are not recommended to be used on.

    Two Perfect Souls-Coach Leather CleanerTwo Perfect Souls-Coach Leather Moisturizer

    (Photo: Coach)

    2) Spray your leather and suedes with a leather protector.  Nothing ruins the look of leather or suede than the damage done to them by the elements. You know what I mean, those very visible rain droplets, the scruff lines, and the nasty melted snow lines on those cute UGGs.  If you spray on a protectant like the one below from The Solemates periodically, your shoes won’t look like they’ve been dragged through the garbage and you will always look put together from head to toe.  I spray my shoes before I even wear them, yes, as in right out of the box because when I do decide to wear them, they are ready to go.  Remember to spray it from far enough away so that you are not soaking the shoe with the solution and most importantly let dry before you wear the shoe.

    Two Perfect Souls-The SoleMates Leather Protectant
    (Photo: The Solemates)

    3) Invest in a good suede brush.  I once had melted glue fallen on my suede pumps and this brush by Shacke was able to clean it out in seconds.  All you need to do is just gently brush it with the bristle and viola!  There are instructions on the package that describes the functions of the other parts of the brush but the bristles are good enough for me.  At $6.99, this should be part of every girl’s shoe kit. What more do I have to say?

    Two Perfect Souls-Shacke Suede Brush from Amazon

    (Photo: Amazon)

    Stay tune for part 2 coming soon!  And let us know what you think on Facebook!

    A Secret Winter Foot Care Routine November 10, 2015 08:00

    I love the look of my old-school heater in my apartment building.  But with the intense heat it gives off and the cold air this time of year, my skin is definitely taking a beating.  If I don’t take the necessary precautions, my skin pays the price; especially the heels on my feet will crack and it is not the most attractive thing.  So today I would like to share with you my winter foot care routine and hope to see if any of you have your own routines to share.

    1) Drink lots of water.  It’s a cliche but there is no amount of magic lotion that will replenish the moisture your body needs from drinking water.  There are numerous studies on the internet about exactly how much you are suppose to drink daily, but I find it difficult to remember the amount as the day passes.  So my rule of thumb is, if you are asking if you have drank enough, the answer is to drink some more.

    2) Use alcohol-free and scent-free lotion or cream.  Most scents in skincare products are derived from alcohols in the formulation and they are very drying on your skin, so I make it a rule to stay away from them.  Essential oils are a better option, but I do not like how some might stain my pajamas.  The holy grail of creams in my opinion is from CeraVe.  It has no scents and contains a lot of skin imitating ingredients that create a barrier over the skin to prevent moisture loss. After application, the skin is not sticky, it has almost a matte finish and I had never had a skin tightening feeling as it would with lotions with alcohol added.  CeraVe is available on Amazon and local drug stores and it is not expensive at all.

    Two Perfect Souls-CeraVe Cream(Photo Credit: Amazon)

    3) Use a silicone gel cushion.  This is one of the rare finds when I was visiting Asia many years ago and it has been a lifesaver.  The good news is that something similar is available on Amazon now!  I like to lather up my heels with the CeraVe cream at night after a shower and a good pumice scrub then I put on the silicon gel cushion, afterwards I just relax by watching some TV.  I find that my skin absorbs more product this way then just wearing thick socks.  I wouldn’t recommend wearing it overnight as it can feel restricting when your feet warm up in the comfort of your blanket.  My sister-in-law also discovered that it helps with shoes that have wider heels since the gel cushion prevents their feet from slipping off in the back.

     Two Perfect Souls-Presadee Silicon Gel Cushions(Photo Credit: Presadee)

    What do you think?  What are some of your secret winter foot care routines.  Love to hear about them on our Facebook!

    Shoe Storage Solutions November 03, 2015 08:00

    As the temperature drops here in NYC, I felt it was about time to switch out my summer wardrobe to my fall/winter wardrobe.  If you have read my recent blog about the reality of a NYC closet, you would understand why this is a necessary act one must do semi-annually.  With the limited space, one must invest in the best storage ideas.

    I like to start planning my outfit of the day with shoes first.  Being that I am not a morning person, you can imagine the mess if I didn’t have my shoes displayed in plain sight.  Besides my shoes are beautiful.  There are a ton of solutions out there, I’ve looked at a few solutions when I moved a few years ago and I’d like to share ones that I really liked.

    1. Clear Shoe Drawer or the Drop-Front Shoe Box from The Container Store
    Two Perfect Souls-Container Store Shoe DrawersTwo Perfect Souls-Container Store Shoe Drop Front
    These two solutions are both stackable, which means you can create any combination that will suit your needs.  They are both easy to clean and also give a good view of your shoes; making morning decisions quick and easy.  I am partial to the Clear Shoe Drawer because the lower height allows you to stack them higher and I love the glass look.  I own about 50 myself =].  
    The Drop-Front product is similar but is a bit sturdier, being made from hard plastic and you can display your shoes vertically.  
      1. Muji’s storage boxes
      Two Perfect Souls-Muji Shoe Containers

      (Photo Credit: Muji Germany)

      Another great storage option is from a Japanese minimalist themed store that I love.  Not only do they offer great construction and durability in their storage units, but I feel they offer such a vast option in sizes for all your organizing needs. I am sure you’ll love all the goodies you find there!

      Do you guys have your own storage solutions?  Love to hear all your genius solutions on our Facebook!  And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for upcoming events and offers!

      To buy or not to buy, that is the question. October 26, 2015 08:33

      My weakness has always been shoes.  For other people, they can walk away from an outfit to “think about it”, but for me it is “could I put my size 4 feet in this size 6 shoes without looking like I wore my mother’s shoes.”  After an un-encouraging amount of ill-fitting shoes I’ve purchased in my teenage years, the lesson to be learned boils down to this: if the shoe fits, buy the pair that accentuates the most outfits where one is at least work appropriate.  Why? Because a real NYC apartment closet can not accommodate all the shoes Carrie Bradshaw owned.

      Two Perfect Souls - Carrie Bradshaw's ClosetCarrie Bradshaw's Closet in Sex and the City (Photo Credit: The Coveteur)

      Two Perfect Souls-Real NYC Closet
      What a typical NYC closets looks like (or smaller) (Photo Credit: The Apartment Therapy)

      Imagine wearing a dark pantsuit, now add Polka Fur or MoonDance by ALL BLACK.  They add a youthfulness to your outfit, making you more standout and interesting.  In an ocean of blue, gray and black conservatives, the shoes are a breath of fresh air and a creative outlet.

      Now imagine navigating the NYC subway system and the cobblestone streets downtown in these flats paired with vintage jeans or pairing them with chic culottes at the Met.  These flats will serve you well wherever you go.
      Two Perfect Souls - All Black Polka FurTwo Perfect Souls - All Black Moon Dance

      Using this method, I am able to avoid a costly mistake I made a long time ago with a pair of satin mules with jewels in 4 inch heels.  It is beautiful and in pristine condition in my closet because I really didn’t find more use of it other than a formal night out.  Let me tell you, the cost per wear is still high for this one.
      Do you have a rule that you go by before purchasing a pair of shoes?  Let me know on Facebook, would love to hear all your ideas!

      Work to NightOut October 17, 2015 20:22

      In the city that never sleeps, there’s always something to do; getting things done at work, networking over happy hour, discovering new eats at fresh restaurants and meeting with friends to catch up.  A girl needs versatility in her wardrobe to keep up.

      Being in the financial industry for some years has taught me to dress smartly.  I start my outfit planning with my shoes, because packing a 2nd pair of shoes in your bag leaves less room for other important things.  Selecting heels that are appropriate for work, but can also be transitioned for a nighttime event is the key to all this.  Take the Beverly; the front is a classic round toe pump with a minimal platform in an eye-catching blue, but the details on the back is what will get the “oh! where did she get those shoes” double take.  I pair the shoes with a stylish sheath dress, some modest jewelry and a structured bag for the professional look.

      Two Perfect Souls - Beverly Pump

      In a small clutch, one that could fit into my work bag, I would pack a set of earrings, necklaces or bracelets that are a bit more dramatic. Et Voila! You are ready for that happy hour, date night, fancy restaurant without having to run back to your apartment to change in rush hour.  Saving lots of time and money, a major win.

      Thanks for reading and for more styling inspirations, follow us on social media!


      Selection Process October 09, 2015 19:49

      Happy Friday!!! :)

      Growing up with a mother who was a leather saleswoman has made me careful about the quality of shoes I buy for myself.  Everytime I shop for a pair -even before trying them on; is a chance to study the parts and identify the leathers they are made of.  My mother always says “A good quality leather will age really well; the creases won’t break apart easily and good leather will develop a patina or a vintage look over time.”

      Two Perfect Souls - Irene Costa Cutting Process
      (Photo Credit: Irene Costa)


      So when it came time to selecting brands for our store’s first collection I got... well picky.  Not only do the shoes need to be of great quality and fit, they needed to be timeless as well.  One should not pick up shoes in the closet and say “what was I thinking?”  
      Two Perfect Souls - Irene Costa Process
      (Photo Credit: Irene Costa)


      I searched everywhere and discovered a few shoemakers that had been producing shoes in small sizes for generations.  They are still using the most traditional shoemaking methods (i.e. Sachetto) and have kept the entire production process in-house for quality assurance.  I fell in love with their products immediately and decided to import them for all you lovelies!
      Two Perfect Souls - Dansi
      (Photo Credit: Dansi)


      I hope you enjoy the shoes we have picked for you at our shop as we are very proud to be supporting the artistry from these storied brands.  Know that when you are wearing these shoes, they are made with love and the quality is mother approved!  


      First! October 02, 2015 00:00

      It has been a long journey, but I am excited to announce the launch of

      My name is Evelyn and I live in New York City with my husband Alex and our American shorthair mix cat named Latte (yes I love coffee).  

      As a petite girl (5'0") with size 3.5-4 feet, I hope to share with you exciting new shoes, style tips and personal tidbits of being a petite girl in the city that never sleeps. 

      Welcome to the site, please enjoy and happy shopping! :D

      Two Perfect Souls -Are those shoes on sale Cat