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Creating Texture in Jewelry and Pushing the Digital Boundaries

So one of the first things I learn after diving head first into digital jewelry design is wall thickness.  The term refers to the minimal thickness of any area of your design that is required so that the wax used in casting can be successfully 3D printed.  Typically, the thicker the design, the stronger it will be, and therefore higher the print and casting success.

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Can 3D Printed Jewelry be Considered Handcrafted?

Two questions that I often get asked since I embarked on this new adventure of 3D modeling and printing: "What does it mean to digitally design a piece of jewelry?" and my favorite, "Why do you still call your designs handcrafted if you use a 3D printer?"

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Summer Jewelry Essentials.

Can you believe that it's already July?  As the heat makes its way to NYC, I feel like my constant hair style has been the messy top knot.  That got me thinking, what great way to accentuate the bare neck and arms season than with some new jewelry pieces!  After a few prototypes, here are my summer jewelry essentials.

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