Life and Business Update - Spring 2019

As Spring is currently in full swing (as apparent by my equally fully swinging allergies), it is time for a bit of update since I last announced that Two Perfect Souls is moving on to a more sparkly venture.

Since I last wrote, my beloved cat Latte had passed away.  She was my first pet and I am still dealing with the loss.  There are good days and there are bad ones but I am glad I was fortunate to be chosen to be her guardian for 15 years.  There will be other cats that I will provide a loving home for in the future when I am ready but at this point in life I will keep her memory in my heart and concentrate on the new direction of my small business.

So onto the topic at hand, I have created a few pieces recently that I am excited for.  It is still in its prototype stages, but I thought I would share as an update and teaser (if you haven't seen my personal Instagram progress posts yet).  So here they are:

Spring 2019 Jewelry

The flutter ring is already available (2nd from bottom) as is the pendant version!  It is super dainty, but oh so glittery!  I hope you all like it!

I can't wait to finalize the rest of the prototypes, which is your favorite?  Email me!