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Introducing - The Five Blessings Signet Rings

For now, many of you have known that besides shoes, Asian art has a special place in my heart (read the inspiration behind my “Seals of Authenticity” jewelry collection here).  Today I introduce you to my newest Asian art inspired jewelry - The Five Blessings Signet Rings.   The five blessings are usually uttered during Lunar New Year as a way of greeting and well wishes to friends and family.  Growing up Asian American, that was pretty much the only meaning I know of the blessings.  It was not until I dwell into their meaning more did I realize their uniqueness.   The symbols for each of these five blessings have evolved since the ancient times and varies in different...

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Our Handmade Shoes

1/1/2019 Update: Two Perfect Souls have relaunched this site and will no longer offer custom small size shoes.  The new mission of Two Perfect Souls will be to create unique 3D printed jewelry collection that complement your style and taste effortlessly.  Hope to see you again in my new journey. There were times when buying a pair of shoes use to take a really long time.  One would have to take a trip to the shoemaker to have your feet measured, wait for molds of your feet to be made, then back for re-measurement of your feet and adjustments made to the molds, then finally, after more time spent waiting; you get to meet your new sole mate. Photo Source: This traditional way...

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