Our Handmade Shoes

1/1/2019 Update: Two Perfect Souls have relaunched this site and will no longer offer custom small size shoes.  The new mission of Two Perfect Souls will be to create unique 3D printed jewelry collection that complement your style and taste effortlessly.  Hope to see you again in my new journey.

There were times when buying a pair of shoes use to take a really long time.  One would have to take a trip to the shoemaker to have your feet measured, wait for molds of your feet to be made, then back for re-measurement of your feet and adjustments made to the molds, then finally, after more time spent waiting; you get to meet your new sole mate.

Handmade ShoemakerPhoto Source: Wikipedia.org

This traditional way of shoemaking is an artful skill that are still being practiced in the world and sold to the fortunate few who live near these artists and can afford the patience and their craftsmanship.  To those of us with a smaller budget, fret not!  We have found a few shoemakers who have adapted a new way to bring a bit of the traditional shoemaking to the modern world.

When we think about measuring our feet, most of us are thinking about the length and width; a line going vertical and one across at the big bone.  Our shoemakers believe, however,  that we should measure the widest part in terms of circumference instead of a straight line.  This allows for a surer fit and accommodates bone and muscle thickness at the top of the foot.  The shoes that you order using this method of measurement will least likely be pinching your bones and toes.

Two Perfect Souls - How to Measure Foot Diagram

Once you have your measurements down, you should follow this matrix and find the size that best fit you. (Click to open up our Size Chart on another page)

Two Perfect Souls - Size Chart - Handmade Shoes

It is now time to talk about your foot arch.  Your arch really affects how high or low your shoe heels should be and is probably the hardest to measure yourself without a professional present.  To accommodate that, our shoemakers are letting you dictate the height you are comfortable with.  That’s right, most of our handmade to order shoes have heels ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches.  If the height you desire is not an option, simply write us a message, and we will consult with our shoemaker to determine if it can be made.  Don’t see a color you like, but saw the color in a different shoe on our site?  Let us know, we will do our best to source that color for you.

How long does a pair of handmade shoes take to make?  Usually less than 2 weeks and you get them at your door step typically by the 4th day after we shipped it.  Oh yeah, shipping is on us!  So...happy shopping!