Introducing - The Five Blessings Signet Rings

For now, many of you have known that besides shoes, Asian art has a special place in my heart (read the inspiration behind my “Seals of Authenticity” jewelry collection here).  Today I introduce you to my newest Asian art inspired jewelry - The Five Blessings Signet Rings.  

Two Perfect Souls - The Five Blessings Signet Rings

The five blessings are usually uttered during Lunar New Year as a way of greeting and well wishes to friends and family.  Growing up Asian American, that was pretty much the only meaning I know of the blessings.  It was not until I dwell into their meaning more did I realize their uniqueness.  

The symbols for each of these five blessings have evolved since the ancient times and varies in different Asian cultures, but I chose the ones in my collection because I like the symmetry I see in them.  And unlike the sizable signet rings traditionally worn by men of status in many societies; I designed mine significantly smaller with dramatic curves into the band to fit the more slender fingers of women.  Because here at Two Perfect Souls, we believe small can be impactful.  

Now onto the meaning of these blessing symbols.

Fu - luck or good fortune achieved by having performed good deeds.  This symbol is the first of the five blessing symbols and often associated with the appearance of the Fu deity in the night sky according to Chinese mythology.  The phenomenon explained in western astrology as the rising of Jupiter, the fifth planet from the sun.  Incidentally, the appearance of the planet in the night sky is also believed to mean auspicious times ahead.

Two Perfect Souls - Luck Blessing Ring Two Perfect Souls - Luck Blessing Ring

Lu - Prosperity; the literal word itself translates to the salary received by being an official in the government or holding a position of influence.  In ancient China, such position is achieved through years of study and passing the final imperial exam.  It is a well wish for someone to have perseverance and hardwork to achieve success.  Men who held these position can be seen with dress robes with these symbols embroidered onto them.

Two Perfect Souls - Prosperity Blessing Ring

Shou - Good health or Longevity.  It is believed to be represented by Canopus or the second brightest star in the sky and often personified by an old looking but kind and smiley deity.  Imprinting of the symbol (or variation of the symbol) onto baked goods to be consumed on an elder's birthday is a ritual many Chinese families still practice.

Two Perfect Souls - Good Health Blessing Ring

Xi - Happiness.  I strayed from tradition on this symbol because the more commonly known double happiness stresses the importance of a union in marriage to achieve happiness.  I believe the modern day individual can achieve happiness by oneself, therefore the individual happiness symbol is used in my design.

Two Perfect Souls - Happiness Blessing Ring

Cai (or Tsai) - Wealth, specifically monetary wealth.  It should not be surprising that the last blessing is wealth and that it comes after good health and happiness.  The symbol, most recognizable with the coin slot in the middle is widely used in places of business.  Both decorative and serve as talisman for auspicious business dealings.

Two Perfect Souls - Wealth Blessing Ring


So there you have it, I hope these rings grace your fingers and their meaning strengthen you as you proudly make a statement in the world.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to share this article if you find it interesting.

Love, Evelyn