The Seal of Authenticity

For some time now, I have been working on something very near and dear to my heart.  I am super excited to share with you my treasured creation; The Seal of Authenticity, a unique jewelry collection inspired by a venerable form of Chinese calligraphy used as seals.

In Ancient East Asia, Emperors and high ranking government officials used special seals made out of semi-precious stones such as jade to give documents their authorship and authenticity.  These unique seals are hand-carved by artisans in an ancient form of writing that are not easily recognized or duplicated by the untrained eye.  The seal and the imprints were considered the highest form of authentication in the realm.

Famous artists still use this form of signature on their works and on works of others as a sign of appreciation.

Two Perfect Souls - Brush Painting Inspiration


My grandfather first introduced the art of Chinese Calligraphy to me when I was a child.  I remember learning how to grind an ink stick with water to a precise consistency and how to control my breathing so my hands wouldn’t shake and touch the rice paper while I painted.  I must admit I was not a very patient child growing up; the only way he got me to sit down every night to practice was a promise that he will have a seal made for me when I am good enough.  Even then he knew I had a competitive side to me and it worked; I practiced and practiced until I got my own seal.

Two Perfect Souls - My Stamp Seal

I regret to say that due to all the moves I had growing up, my seal was lost.  Even though the one above is a replica, what it represented inspired me to create this collection.  

Like the meditational way of practicing Chinese calligraphy, it takes a while to really become authentically New York.  The seal to me represents and identifies my appreciation of all the good, bad, and ugly sides of this city.  I hope you’ll like it and wear it proudly too!  Thanks for reading!

Brooklyn Seal Seal Colors