Luck Blessing Ring

The Five Blessing Signet Rings - Luck or Good Fortune  

This collection was inspired by the symmetry found in symbols depicting the five common blessings in Asian cultures.  Signet rings and these symbols were once adorned by men, but we've made it smaller and more sleek, perfect for the girlboss in you.

This symbol is the first of the five blessing symbols and often associated with the appearance of the Fu deity in the night sky according to Chinese Mythology.  The phenomenon explained in western astrology as the rising of Jupiter, the fifth planet from the sun.  Incidentally, the appearance of the planet is associated with auspicious times ahead as well.  Read more about our inspiration here.

  • Face diameter is appx. 10mm
  • Made to order (ships appx. 1 week)
  • Handcrafted from a wax mould in NYC
  • Available in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold (Rose, Yellow, White)
  • 3D printed option available on our design shop on Shapeways
  • Do not see your size, drop us a line here

$ 75.00

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