Selection Process

1/1/2019 Update: Two Perfect Souls have relaunched this site and will no longer offer custom small size shoes.  The new mission of Two Perfect Souls will be to create unique 3D printed jewelry collection that complement your style and taste effortlessly.  Hope to see you again in my new journey.

Happy Friday!!! :)

Growing up with a mother who was a leather saleswoman has made me careful about the quality of shoes I buy for myself.  Everytime I shop for a pair -even before trying them on; is a chance to study the parts and identify the leathers they are made of.  My mother always says “A good quality leather will age really well; the creases won’t break apart easily and good leather will develop a patina or a vintage look over time.”

Two Perfect Souls - Irene Costa Cutting Process
(Photo Credit: Irene Costa)


So when it came time to selecting brands for our store’s first collection I got... well picky.  Not only do the shoes need to be of great quality and fit, they needed to be timeless as well.  One should not pick up shoes in the closet and say “what was I thinking?”  
Two Perfect Souls - Irene Costa Process
(Photo Credit: Irene Costa)


I searched everywhere and discovered a few shoemakers that had been producing shoes in small sizes for generations.  They are still using the most traditional shoemaking methods (i.e. Sachetto) and have kept the entire production process in-house for quality assurance.  I fell in love with their products immediately and decided to import them for all you lovelies!
Two Perfect Souls - Dansi
(Photo Credit: Dansi)


I hope you enjoy the shoes we have picked for you at our shop as we are very proud to be supporting the artistry from these storied brands.  Know that when you are wearing these shoes, they are made with love and the quality is mother approved!