Shoe Storage Solutions

1/1/2019 Update: Two Perfect Souls have relaunched this site and will no longer offer custom small size shoes.  The new mission of Two Perfect Souls will be to create unique 3D printed jewelry collection that complement your style and taste effortlessly.  Hope to see you again in my new journey.

As the temperature drops here in NYC, I felt it was about time to switch out my summer wardrobe to my fall/winter wardrobe.  If you have read my recent blog about the reality of a NYC closet, you would understand why this is a necessary act one must do semi-annually.  With the limited space, one must invest in the best storage ideas.

I like to start planning my outfit of the day with shoes first.  Being that I am not a morning person, you can imagine the mess if I didn’t have my shoes displayed in plain sight.  Besides my shoes are beautiful.  There are a ton of solutions out there, I’ve looked at a few solutions when I moved a few years ago and I’d like to share ones that I really liked.

  1. Clear Shoe Drawer or the Drop-Front Shoe Box from The Container Store
Two Perfect Souls-Container Store Shoe DrawersTwo Perfect Souls-Container Store Shoe Drop Front
These two solutions are both stackable, which means you can create any combination that will suit your needs.  They are both easy to clean and also give a good view of your shoes; making morning decisions quick and easy.  I am partial to the Clear Shoe Drawer because the lower height allows you to stack them higher and I love the glass look.  I own about 50 myself =].  
The Drop-Front product is similar but is a bit sturdier, being made from hard plastic and you can display your shoes vertically.  
    1. Muji’s storage boxes
    Two Perfect Souls-Muji Shoe Containers

    (Photo Credit: Muji Germany)

    Another great storage option is from a Japanese minimalist themed store that I love.  Not only do they offer great construction and durability in their storage units, but I feel they offer such a vast option in sizes for all your organizing needs. I am sure you’ll love all the goodies you find there!

    Do you guys have your own storage solutions?  Love to hear all your genius solutions on our Facebook!  And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for upcoming events and offers!