Due to COVID-19 restrictions in NYC, I am unable to process orders or make any new pieces at this time. All orders will be processed as soon as the city's restrictions are lifted. Thank you for your understanding and support of my small business. Stay home and be well.

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To buy or not to buy, that is the question.

1/1/2019 Update: Two Perfect Souls have relaunched this site and will no longer offer custom small size shoes.  The new mission of Two Perfect Souls will be to create unique 3D printed jewelry collection that complement your style and taste effortlessly.  Hope to see you again in my new journey. My weakness has always been shoes.  For other people, they can walk away from an outfit to “think about it”, but for me it is “could I put my size 4 feet in this size 6 shoes without looking like I wore my mother’s shoes.”  After an un-encouraging amount of ill-fitting shoes I’ve purchased in my teenage years, the lesson to be learned boils down to this: if the shoe fits, buy the...

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