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What is 3D Printing and Why You Should Learn It.

I've realized that I have never really blog about what exactly is 3D printing, yet I have been offering jewelry that I've created using this tech!  I am a big proponent of the industry and love to encourage others to try, so let me try and tell you what it is in my own words...

As the name suggests, 3D printing is the process of creating a 3 dimensional object in a printer from a digital file or otherwise known as a 3D model.  The printer interprets the file and essentially slices it into many thin layers and build it from the bottom up.

One of the most industry disruptive aspect that came out of 3D printing is fast prototyping.  Before this technology, people who had an idea for a product would require to conduct intensive research and spent a lot of money in order to turn an idea on paper into a physical product.  With desktop 3D printers available at very affordable prices these days, you can print your idea as quickly as the next day.  Faster prototype means faster entry to market.

Micro Plus 3D Printer


Industries that have already shown adaptation if not already an increased demand for skillful 3D modelers include: Design & Manufacturing (think fashion accessories, footwear, consumer products etc); Medical & Dentistry (tailored limbs for a war veteran, a crown for your teeth, braces even); and Entertainment (game design & special effects).

Contrary to the misconception that one needs technical know-how to learn 3D modeling, it is actually not required.  There are many free software and corresponding tutorials out on the market today to get you on the right track.  Software such as Tinkercad, Fusion360, Sculptris, and Blender3D to name a few.  I have used these in the past 2 years and now I solely use Blender3D to create all my jewelry.  My background was in financial services and I had no prior knowledge on this tech at all.  The learning curve was steep but extremely rewarding as you turn a digital model of your own creation into a tangible product.  I can tell you honestly that anyone can learn this new skill, you just need to believe and dedicate time to learn it.

Shields Earring

(Source: My Original Tinkercad Design)

 As the global market moves toward automation and the reality of traditional jobs slowly getting eliminated, shouldn't you learn new skills to better leverage yourself or get a side hustle started in case of a rainy day in your future?

Please let me know about your thoughts on the topic, or if you want to explore further into learning this new skill, send me an email at or use this contact form.  I am no expert at this tech, but I will be glad to try and answer any questions you may have.